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The directives require manufacturers to take responsibility for what they are producing and reuse or recycle components and waste from redundant devices. In Norway, dealers, importers and manufacturers have, along with local authorities, been instrumental in facilitating the high collection levels for such waste – 102,000 tonnes of Electrical Equipment (EE) waste was collected in 2004 alone.

The Norwegian example will have been welcomed by many importers and manufacturers, who will have been able to use their operations as a ‘dry run’ before the Lee Grammer – Direct Mobile Conveyancing  directives are adopted by its European neighbours. However, analysis of the figures shows wide variations in the return rates of different products. Almost all household appliances, home and office computers and lighting equipment are returned, whereas electronic toys and mobile phones are far less likely to make it back to the manufacturers.

The Bike Station is funded by a variety of sources, including Edinburgh City Council, Scottish Executive, Transforming Waste Scotland, and the Unemployed Voluntary Action Fund. Last June, property developer Mowlem was required to have part of a two hectare site decontaminated before it could start building a new shopping centre in Ayr. Some 12,000 cubic metres of the site was contaminated with Total Petroleum Carbon ( TPH ) after the land was previously used for light industry. The site required remediation (decontamination) to eliminate environmental risks posed to groundwater and the nearby river Ayr.

Worse still, the area needed to be cleaned to prevent human health risks posed by hydrocarbon vapour once the shopping centre was built. Cardiff-based company Celtic, which operates remedial schemes for brownfield sites, was contracted to clean up the act. Housed in a basement workshop under the main concourse of the Waverley Station, off Princes Street, the Bike Station was known in a previous incarnation as the Castlecliff Workshop near Edinburgh Castle. While it sells on many of its bikes, it also donates them to people such as the homeless or those with mental health problems, who may benefit from having a bike but cannot afford to buy one.

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This would remove a large potential flood liability to the City. Operating cost data will not be available until project is complete and in operation. Improving storm drainage systems in conjunction with the resurfacing program may reduce maintenance costs. However, these costs are intangible and associated with system reliability. Costs are intangible and based on system relability and mandated ecology guidelines. Each phase of the plan will include a cost benefit analysis with estimated staffing and budget impacts listed.


Phase I has been completed and Project will decrease the need for culvert maintenance at the locations. No historical cost data for this maintenance is available. Joanie Bunker – Enact Conveyancing Adelaide Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) projects are yet to be fully defined but could include projects such as, field verification of existing I/I locations, targeted downspout disconection, side sewer rehabilitation incentives, and a comprehensive I/I Study. Completion of stormwater projects to bring existing City infrastructure into greater compliance with clean water goals.

The City’s contribution covers a large range of maintenance items as they occur throughout the year; not scheduled maintenance Due to the annual dollar limitation, some past expenditures have been split between years. Increased infrastructure will result in higher maintenance cost for the Stormwater Utility. Actual maintenance costs are dependant on specific construction designs. Maintenance costs will be factored in design decisions. The optimum point to replace fleet assets is while operating costs are still at their lowest point, just before maintenance and repair costs make the asset more costly to operate than the value of the asset.

The City’s replacement plan is designed to determine that optimum point, thus minimizing maintenance and operating costs. Laser shaft alignment tool will be used to perform maintenance activties on electrical motors and auxiliary equipment to allow for greater efficiency and reliability. Added replacement cost but reduced maintenance cost on the existing vehicles, resulting from decreased usage. The cost reduction on the existing vehicle is expected to totally offset the added maintenance costs on the new vehicle. Design, permitting and construction of a new overwater boardwalk from Boulevard Park to South Waterfront Park.

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The other is a snack bag clip with a magnet on the back which was Mr Adamski’s idea for use as a public teaching tool. A broad slogan like this can cover a variety of substances and materials from a variety of sources that should not be dumped or flushed. The clip doubles as a fridge magnet so the reminder is always in the kitchen, a good place to practice better waste disposal habits.

In a city with combined sewers, waste water pollution prevention on the part of industry and consumers is a must. The broad slogan can cover a variety of substances and materials from a variety of sources that should not be dumped or flushed. We do not have a formal floatable education program in place at this time, however, there is one in the works and as a start we are looking for a market research firm to do research to determine if the public’s behaviour can be modified with respect to the disposal of floatable material into the sewer via the household plumbing and as street litter. view more: E Conveyancing Brisbane

However, street litter disposal seems as if it will be the focus of this phase of the program’s development. Residential grease is harder to get a handle on, but in the end probably has less immediate impact than commercial grease. Back in 1993 the then consultant, now Minister for Transport and the Environment, Sarah Boyack was an advocate of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover energy.

In my last speech in the EU parliament I said that the environment was the least selfish of public policies, being about other people and other generations, who feels the most attractive part of his work is about ensuring that children and grandchildren will not “dismiss our generation as ne’er-dowells who took the profits and ran.
Another attractive aspect, he says, is that it crosses boundaries and frontiers and is truly international.

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The purser took our tickets, pulled in the footbridge and untied some ropes. Men in white boiler suits hauled our luggage in nets from the jetty to the foredeck. This time, we had booked out Tibbetts, the most northerly building on the island, a good mile-and-three-quarters from anyone else. Last time, we had stayed near the “village”, a collection of granite buildings, including the Marisco Tavern, the shop and the church.

We’re just rather exhausted parents looking for a “time-out” space. I also like the fact that there are no danger signs saying “Enter at your peril” or “Beware: 40ft drop”. It is possible to step out of your home straight on to the grass, to investigate ruins and eat picnics without seeing another soul. The Lundy letter boxes are an excellent way to explore.

A little like a treasure hunt, you follow a set of clues that takes you around the island to discover hidden boxes with a message pad inside. It is only recently that the shop has recognised the commercial potential of “letter-boxing” . For £4. 99, you can buy a map and set of clues, a Lundy notebook, a pencil, and an ink stamp pad. A couple of years ago, you had to ask the cook in The Tavern if he’d make a photocopy of clues for you. We set off for Tibbetts, a former naval lookout post that is now a Landmark Trust property. Opting for the Georgian splendour of Millcombe House – built for William Hudson Heaven as his family seat – or Hanmers, the wooden fisherman’s cottage overlooking Landing Bay, would give a very different holiday feel. For More: Camping R US – Settlement Agent Perth

In the past we have stayed in Stoneycroft, the lighthouse inspector’s cottage, with its walled garden full of rabbits. Castle Keep offers the oldest accommodation on the island, and is more than 750 years old. Inside, Tibbetts feels like a ship. The living room is clad with wooden panels and the original brass fittings are secured to the walls: four pistol hooks, four coat hooks, four rifle hooks, four hooks for some other essential naval kit.

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The main guarantee for the performance of the civil protection responsibilities once funding is shifted into RSG, will be the new duty itself.It will have to justify the importance of the local resilience argument amidst all the other pressures on local authority budgets. The LGA, with other respondents, identified the following areas of work as additional or enhanced responsibilities that the Bill will place on Category 1 organisations.

The Government should also consider the level of funding and thresholds of Category 1 responders for incident conveyancing melbourne responses under the Bellwin Scheme. The Government believes that all responsibilities of local government should be properly funded. Funding arrangements in the area of civil protection are kept under constant review. There must be a clear and robust case for any additional commitment of resources.

Several respondents commented that, in order to get a true estimate of local resilience, not only should individual organisations be audited, but so too should the work of the Local Resilience Forum. We would recommend that all inspection bodies develop a common approach to auditing emergency planning arrangements across partners.

There may be merit in mandating one of the auditing bodies to do this on behalf of the others in a multi agency way. The proposals from a number of respondents that a new inspectorate body be set up has been examined, but the Government concluded that there was little merit in it. The Audit Commission also shared this opinion. For a dedicated inspectorate to be effective, the costs of setting it up and maintaining it are likely to be disproportionate to the benefits.

Respondents and stakeholders generally have indicated that if a choice were to be made between more funding for the basic duty and the establishment of an inspectorate, they would prefer the former. But a small number of respondents were opposed to the role of the RNC, arguing that adding an additional regional tier to the response phase will lead to confusion and protracted decision making, thus slowing down the response.

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The development is an extension of the 303,000 sq ft (28,148 sq m) estate, where only a single unit of 3,900 sq ft (392 sq m) will shortly be available and with the lack of supply of modern industrial/ warehouse units in the town the agents will be seeking to achieve early pre-lettings.

This is the first major speculative industrial development in Stevenage for several years and demonstrates our confidence in Stevenage The units have been designed to the highest specification to take account of industrialists requirements and will add considerable value to our existing holdings at Gunnels Wood Park.

St Quintin and Lambert Smith Hampton acted on behalf of Berkeley Hambro. The Workspace Group represented themselves Harry Platt, Group Managing Director, said, “This latest acquisition continues the strategic expansion of the Midlands portfolio comprising six units totalling 993 sq metres (10,690 sq ft), acquired for £460,000, a net initial yield of 13%.

Unit 29A Union Street has been let to Shoefayre on a 12 year lease at a rental of £27,000 The shop comprises 96.62 sq m (1,040 sq ft) of -round floor sales The letting agents have also secured the letting of the creche to Nationwide Childcare Organisation

The lease on the former Richards shop on Union Street at the entrance of the Scheme comprising 158 sq m (1,700 sq ft), has been assigned to First Sport with six years unexpired at a rental of £46,000 per annum. The store is now open and trading and Conveyancing Process .

Guy Williams of Universities Superannuation Scheme commented These recent lettings at The Wellington Shopping Centre indicate a resurgence in retailer confidence in Aldershot and will enhance the shopper’s choice within the Scheme.

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Taylor Woodrow Property Company, has achieved the largest single floor letting within the City Market this year The 5th floor comprising 30,127 sq.ft. has been let to Ziff Davis, the world’s largest publisher of computer magazines including PC Magazine and PC Week Ziff Davis is also a part owner of interact provider “Yahoo”. Ziff Davis will relocate from the Cotton Centre, Hayes Galleria by the end of September .

The company has taken a lease until June 2012, The letting brings the vacancy rate within St Katherine’s to it lowest level for several years The letting to Ziff Davis follows on from a letting of the North Mezzanine floor some three weeks earlier to Reed Elsvier of 10,360 sq.ft. and a recent letting to Algorithmics (UK) Limited within Ivory House.

Jones Lang Wootton and Chesterton advised Taylor Woodrow in the leasing of International House and Mercer Taylor advised Ziff Davis Ingleby Trice and Chesterton advised Taylor Woodrow in the leasing of Ivory House and DTZ advised Algorithmics.

Catelia UK is organising a night of ‘Saddles and Paddles”, an evening extravaganza of events including buffet supper casino and disco, which will all take place aboard a paddle steamer moored on the Thames, on Wednesday, 3 September All proceeds will go to the two nominated charities, Lionheart (the RICS Benevolent Fund) and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

It is anticipated that there will be over 300 agents who will be able to test their knowledge of nags on race videos with cash betting The pot raised by the latter, up to £500 will be split equally between the winning purchaser and the charities.

Cheap Conveyancing event is to be held on the Tattershall Castle, moored on the Victoria Embankment next to Waterloo Bridge One of the last few remaining paddle steamers in existence, it has been kindly donated for the evening by Scottish & Newcastle.

Tattershall Castle was previously an art gallery for nine years, before which it was used as a passenger carrier across the Humber.

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Slough Estates has successfully let 982 sq. m (10,670 sq. fl) of retail space to three national retailers at The Pentagon Centre in Chatham Kent worth a combined initial rent of £ 1 7 5, 000 per annum with an additional turnover rent from one unit Allsports (Retail) Limited has taken 130 sq. m (1400 sq. ft) of @round floor sales space together with an additional 57 sq. m (720 sq. ft) of storage space at first floor level.

The property conveyancing peacocks Stores plc have signed a new 10 year lease for 455 sq. m (4,900 sq. ft ) of ground floor retail space at the centre The initial base is to be £45,000 per annum together with an additional turnover rent Colliers Erdman Lewis represented Slough Estates in these transactions, Peacocks were represented by E J Hales, Allsports by Jackson Criss and The Works by Wright Silverwood.

P&O Developments have agreed terms with Dell Computer Corporation, the world’s leading direct computer systems company to pre-let Western Peninsula, their office development under construction on Western Road Bracknell. The 2,462 sq m (26,500 sq ft) air conditioned building is due for completion in December.

Richard Norman, vice president, Legal Services for Dell in Europe commented: “In the UK, where Dell is number 2, our business is growing well ahead of the market Western Peninsula is in the ideal location to extend our UK based operations. We are pleased to have found such a quality building adjacent to our existing premises.

Warehousing and industrial uses. The recent installation of a new public footbridge allows the site access road to be punched through the old quarry walls and opens the site up for development .Joint agents Knight Frank and Sibley Pares & Partners are quoting rents of £5.50 per sq.ft and land prices of £350,000 an acre I am delighted that our involvement has finally enabled Palace Estates to bring this exciting development forward The scheme offers tenants exactly what they want – an excellent location, close to the M20, together with a high level of security.

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With only twelve major speculative office developments started in the second quarter and less than 2 million sq ft started this year developers and funding institutions are not repeating the glut of ten years ago by keeping the supply of new office schemes firm under control There is no shortage in the pipeline, some 200 large schemes now have both permission and provisional start dates but construction starts are running at only a third of the late 1980s.

The contrast to supply, demand continues to accelerate – APR added 167 new medium or large office unfulfilled requirements in the second quarter, the highest number for 6 years In sector terms, demand is being led by the banking, legal and media sectors Hammersmith Embankment and Paddington where the first prelets are rumoured risk-averse developers and institutions appear determined not to get carried away and repeat the mistakes of past comparison of Property conveyacing solicitors in Brisbane.

INCREASING INTERNATIONAL INTEREST—in the English property market is the motivation for English Partnerships taking part in the MPIM Asia property exhibition in Singapore from Tuesday 16 – Thursday 18 September English Partnerships – the government-sponsored regeneration agency – will use the MIPIM Asia event to launch its touch screen version of the Strategic Sites Database.

The database itself is a unique initiative – English Partnerships is the only organisation in England to offer such a service The database currently holds information on about 40 key sites and is growing all the time Both companies will exhibit under the England banner as well as their usual corporate identity.

Presentations will take place on English Partnerships’ stand each day to inform investors, developers, agents, architects and lawyers about opportunities available Topics will include investment opportunities at Greenwich Peninsula, finance and funding for investment and the potential use of the Strategic Sites Database.

A breakfast seminar – Investing in England – will take place on Wednesday 17 September. Chaired by Sir Idris Pearce The seminar is free and places can be booked through English Partnerships’ Haydock office or at stand B9/C9 at the exhibition Afternoon tea will also be served on the English Partnerships stand each afternoon at 4.00pm when the Agency will join with LDDC to offer people in Singapore a taste of England.

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Our job is to identify sites for investors, prepare them for end use, offer strategic advice and project management consultancy, and ensure that investing companies have all the help they need to relocate to England In addition to property information, we advise on local economic and social factors, and give information on LTK Government and European sources of funding.


Businesses and communities, we are in a unique position to represent England as a whole but with specific regional information to the overseas property market .We are very encouraged by the resurgence of demand for space in The Woolmarket Some of this increased confidence must be due to the improvement in the economic outlook but some is definitely due to the works of improvement and the benefit of a large car park attached to this development.

The owners P H Gillingham Ltd currently have their third planning application in for further improvements to shop fronts windows and re-arrangement of some of the accommodation to provide what is considered by the traders as a much-improved scheme managing director of P H Gillingham confirms that Cotswold District Council have been most helpful in supporting the actions to change and improve.

The Woolmarket and retailers office tenants and shoppers have commented at the speed at which ideas have been implemented the unveiling of the sculpture by Joanna Trollope and siting of the Town Map a handy reference for young and old, locals and tourists alike the Pearl which adjoins some of its existing City of London holdings.

The sale is part of our portfolio management programme. We have extensive retail and leisure developments elsewhere in Yorkshire and the North East either up and running or planned over the next few years which could total more than 2m square feet and the sale proceeds will be redeployed there We will still maintain other major holdings in the centre of Hull ohn Whalley, AMP’s property director, says, “Princes Quay is already an improving shopping destination for Hull and its environs We will be implementing strategies not only to sustain but to improve this momentum and Property conveyancing Melbourne reviews.

Stephen Allibone of joint owners Clerical Medical Investment Group says we can bring to bear our collective experience and enthusiasm to build on the success that the previous owners have achieved Healey & Baker acted for Land Securities on the sale while the purchasers were represented by Conrad Ritblat Wright Oliphant represented Land Securities on the acquisition of Lime Street.